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Ayurvedic treatment instead Liver transplantation (cirrhosis)

On 12th December 2009, I was sitting in Sterling hospital with my two cousin brother at 9:30 in the morning. This was a second appointment with the Dr. soin saheb, who is doctor from Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi, India and regularly visiting once in two month at Sterling Hospital, Memnagar, Ahmedabad. I was much worried and try to collect more and more information possible as we were gradually understanding the complicated body system. My cousin had swelling on liver and that was kind Cirrhosis caused by alcoholism. He had pale yellow eyes since last six month, he has thrice taken out fluid from his abdomen. Of course, he was alchoholic since last 20 years and I observed that in January and February 2009 we had four family marriage and he made himself very free to drink. There were lots of chances of duplicating (Mixing of Brand with chip whisky) liquor in Gujarat, as alcohol is banned in Gujarat.

About couple years ago, he had Red pimples all over his body (except face), at that time doctor said that pimple are cause of alcohol consumption. But nothing much happened at one time pimple were gone. Eventually in 2009 March when he got these problem of liver he took it easy. First, he was examined and treated by family doctor and family doctor suggested to go to astrologist and we contacted Dr. Hitech Chavda and he was admitted at MediSurge Hospital to take out the fluid from his stomach. Again after couple of months same problem was continued and we visited so many doctors and finally start treatment of Dr. Sudhanshu Patwari and again fluid was removed twice.

Doctors were about come and we were waiting, I was talking to the guy next to me was Patel from Tarapur near Khambhat he informed that he donated his liver to his grand daughter before a year and he and his grand daughter was looking good healthy. Mr. Patel informed that they spend 40 lakhs of rupees for this liver transplant. Patel's grand daughter was infected by hepatitis B (fatty liver). In liver transplant, patient need a piece of liver from somebody (mostly family member) whose liver and blood group matches with the patient. The most commonly used technique is orthopedic transplantation, in which the native liver is removed and replaced by the donor organ in the same anatomic location as the original liver. Liver transplantation nowadays is a well accepted treatment option for end-stage liver disease and acute liver failure. It is also one of the most expensive treatments in modern medicine.

Finally, our turn came to see the doctors, A tall punjabi with turban sitting on main chair of chamber and he was Dr. A.S.Soin and Dr. Hitesh Chavda and two more assistance were there. Today we have to ask all the questions we need to know about this surgery and we were being inform by Dr. Hitech Chavda that's its time to be prepared for surgery ( liver transplant). Dr. Soin was explaining us about the treatment and we have to prepered to stay at New Delhi for two month atleat for the sugery. Dr. Soin also said to hurry up for the surgery as my cousin do have not much time left. For patient and donor's surgery package was 25 lakhs of rupees. We have to look for donor also.

My cousin, in front of doctors keep on insisting that he is not ready to stay Delhi for two months and finally he refuged everybody not to go for sugery.We had no choices left, except to go for Aurvedic treatment. Nobody was ready to trust Ayurveda treatment in compare with big surgery of liver transplant.

On 16th December 2009 at 6:00 in the evening we were waiting for Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Jaswantsinh B. Rathod at Infocity, Gandhinagar. Dr. Jaswantsinh Rathod is 65 years old and greeted us " namaste" and have religious and typical "vaidh" ( Hakim ) look. Doctor took almost half an hour to checkout my cousin's old medical history and present situation. He prescribe all Ayurvedic medicine and changed the all day routine of eating habits.
My cousin has to take only cow's milk and doctor's medicine replaced by food or water. Everything else was banned for him he was allowed to drink cow's milk as much as he can drink. For the breakfast he gets milk, for lunch, dinner or snacks he has to drink cow's milk, even water was replaced to mild. He was not allowed to drink water. Complete rest all the time and no strain on brain - he has to keep himself away what raise his tense or anger.

About fifteen patients (cold, acidity, cough, to reduce the weight etc. ) later visited Ayurvedic doctor and I realised from them if you change your diet (eating habits ) and keep your mind cool, your life can be changed. I learnt a important thing with Ayurvedic is " A system of diet habits ". Anyhow Ayurveda means " science of life".

During the treatment we found out the same problem of fluid was gathering in stomach again in two months, but it disappeared by some changes of medicine. when I write this article, last week of April 2010 almost 6 month of Ayurvedic treatment and gradually my cousin Ashok Soni #098250##### (deleted) is recovering.

Myself Prakash Soni +919825052301 The copy of medical report has been attached if your want to go for further understanding. Please feel free to email us.

(Updated date : 6th Aril 2016)
I have received more than 300 calls during these years and Recently Mr. Maulik Shah 'father getting ayurvedic treatment for the liver cirrhosis and he suggested that he can consult if somebody needs help.

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I have two pathology report of Ashok Soni for your understanding.